Adria Winch d.o.o. SPLIT, Croatia 
Adria Winch d.o.o.

Adria Winch has origin in ship's machinery repair company founded in Split in year 1946. Under the present name Adria Winch exists on market since 1990. Company has 60 years long tradition in machine building, tool machines manufacturing and deck machinery production, precise machining, electronics and hydraulics. Company employs around 100 employees, and have production halls and equipment (conventional and numerically controlled machine tools, heat treatment, welding facilities, paint shop and assembling) capable for the most demanding tasks in production of mechanical, hydraulic, electro energetic and electronic units.

AMW 2000Adria WinchFrom chain 12,5mm up to 70mmFrom chain 12,5mm up to 70mm 


Address: Croatia, SPLIT, 21 000 Put Mostina bb, P.P.158

Contact person: Marketing & Sales Department ,e-mail, website

Phone: +(385 21) 453600

Fax: +(385 21) 453620

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Anchor Winch
Horizontal and vertical ,with automatic anchor release
Drives: electric, hydraulic, pneumatic
Equipment accompanied by winches- electric cabinets and local command consoles, frequent converters, software and PLC for regulation, hydraulic equipmen
From chain 12,5mm up to 70mm

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